Ivory Antique Small Size Tribal Caucasian Kuba Area Rug 71814


Size: 3 ft 7 in x 4 ft 10 in (1.09 m x 1.47 m)

Beautiful Antique Caucasian Kuba Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasian, Circa date: 1890 – Kuba is a city that has served as a collection point for the antique Caucasian rugs created in small villages scattered throughout this harsh, mountainous region. The antique Caucasian Kuba rugs are favorites among collectors of antique rugs because of their beautiful colors and diversity of designs. In modern décor, they played an important role as a contrast to the streamlined, simple furniture styles that were popular during that time. This is a gorgeous geometric piece with brilliant, vibrant colors.

This one features an abstract design and shows a spontaneity that represents the artistic expression of the weaver. The overall design features a familiar motif, only each one is slightly different, which adds character and a sense of individuality to the piece. Each of these area rugs is unique and represents the cultural history of a people.

This magnificent tribal area rug uses a simple palette of only around five colors, but they are arranged artistically to create a beautiful piece with a high contrast design that makes it stand out. Antique tribal Kuba rugs are considered to be of exceptional quality and use local wool that are strong and durable. They have a soft feel underfoot and will complement a range of modern design styles.

This antique Caucasian Kuba rug will make an inspiring piece for a Boho Chic design, or for an ultra-modern room that features hard lines and bold geometric shapes. It is the perfect size area rug for placing in front of a sofa or serving as an accent piece in a larger space. You could easily use it as the foundation for a home office tucked away in a corner of the room or in a modern kitchen that features dark countertops and natural eco-inspired elements. This Caucasian rug brings a primitive, simple feel to the space that will allow you to create a unique look and cozy room design.

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