Small Scatter Size Red Blue Tribal Geometric Antique Turkish Yastic Rug 72555


Size: 1 ft 11 in x 3 ft (0.58 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Lovely Small Scatter Size Red Blue Tribal Geometric Antique Turkish Yastic Rug, Country of origin: Turkish Rugs, Circa date: 1900 – Each of the antique Turkish Yastic rugs is a miniature masterpiece, and the gorgeous colors of this one will give it a cozy, tribal feel. The word “yastic” translated from Turkish to the word “pillow.” This small piece could be transformed into a pillow, mounted and hung as a piece of artwork, or serve as a small accent or throw rug. It is an excellent way to add one of these delightful pieces to your room.

This Turkish Yastic rug was created around the year 1900. The motifs and symbols have been used for centuries to convey meaning, and each of them gives you a little glimpse into the culture. This rug features the “S” motif prominently in the design. This motif represents the dragon or the masculine. It might also represent the sun.

These antique Turkish rugs were woven in small villages, typically in private homes on small looms in the Oushak region of Turkey. This area is known for producing some of the most beautiful designs in the world. These smaller versions have many of the characteristics of their larger counterparts, which makes them a beautiful addition to any space.

Each one of these pieces was woven with pride, and households seldom copied the design of another. Every yastic rug is a unique design that represents a family. You will also find them represented in many European paintings of the time, showing their popularity around the world.

The design possibilities for using this adorable rug are almost endless. You could use it as a foundation for your favorite plant collection, or you could use it as the centerpiece of a tabletop. Antique Turkish Yastic rugs are an excellent way to add a layer of texture and color to a neutral space. They are perfect for adding an antique element to modern decor or for a transitional space. The beautiful colors and simple, geometric designs make these antique rugs a beautiful addition to your interior space.

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