Small Scatter Size Green Antique American Hooked Rug 2788

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Size: 2 ft 3 in x 3 ft 4 in (0.69 m x 1.02 m)

This charming antique small size American hooked rug has a highly unusual scale or feathered pattern making up the field.

Beautiful Green Color Small Scatter Size Antique American Hooked Rug, Country of Origin: America, Circa Date: 1900 – A small scatter size rug that features a highly unusual scale or feathered pattern which makes up the field of this charming antique American hooked rug. Soft magenta scales form a diamond pattern amidst a field of light green. The scales are all highlighted to give the illusion of being three dimensional. While antique American hooked rugs are generally designed in abstract spiral or ring patterns, or as pictorial compositions derived from folk art, this one utilizes a pattern drawn from the geometric repertory of ancient Roman mosaic, making it as rare as it is lovely.

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