Small Cream Blue Antique Square Size Chinese Scatter Size Area Rug 46372

Size: 3 ft x 3 ft (0.91 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: China

Endless knots, shou motifs and auspicious symbols adorn the classic camel-brown borders and rich China blue field of this beautifully composed antique Chinese mat.

Chinese Rug, China, Early 20th Century – This magnificent antique Chinese rug depicts a superb combination of traditional motifs arranged in a beautiful symmetric composition. Naturalistic branches with bi color leaves and delicate apricot-colored blossoms act as supporting elements that frame the chic round medallion and become informal spandrels. The classic color scheme features a robust China blue field that is offset beautifully by the warm camel-brown borders. The sparsely decorated field is enclosed by traditional borders that feature a repeating assortment of Taoist shou symbols, a character that represents longevity, and decorative endless knots, which is one of eight auspicious symbols associated with Buddhist cultures. Simple linear accents accentuate the contrasting intersection between the borders and field while uniting the harmonious color scheme.

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