Small Colorful Artistic Animal Design Swedish Textile Art Rug 47291

Size: 2 ft x 2 ft 2 in (0.61 m x 0.66 m)

Whimsical, worldly and full of color, this vintage Swedish rug is a creative animal carpet variant that incorporates playful details and ethnographic influences.

Swedish Rug, Scandinavia, Third Quarter of the 20th Century – Infinitely charming, this magnificent Swedish rug incorporates aspects of naive art and primitive while exploring the wonderful effects of color, form and surface patterns. The expressive design exhibits sophisticated concepts while retaining a youthful innocence and vivacious spirit. Quirky monkey-bread tiles in vibrant berry and fruit tones break the textural background into creative color-block compartments and produce a slightly irregular tessellation and repeating pattern. Abstract horse and pony figures with varied features and levels of contrast occupy each colored square and form a galloping non-directional herd. Solid-tone animals, dappled stallions and negative-space zebra stripes enrich the child-like composition while testing the interplay of contrast, space and surface decoration. Creative free-form shapes and lively colors collectively emphasize the playful, expressive style of this marvelous vintage Swedish textile.

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