Soft and Muted Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug 50480

Size: 4 ft 6 in x 8 ft 3 in (1.37 m x 2.51 m)

Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug, Country of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa Date: 1920– This Khotan rug from East Turkestan is light in hue with gentle shades of brown creating a fanciful patterning. Five two-storied buildings arranged in a cross adorn the center of the rug, their bold line work accented with thin rays like twigs or the arms of snowflakes extending outward in a circle. Similar pointed designs ring small flowers spaced around the central shapes. Stylized fronds creep in from each side, created from thin lines of dark brown and bracing the edges of the rug. The corners are filled with curling, flowery decorations over brown fields, the darkness balancing the overall design.

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