Small Antique Caucasian Chi Chi Carpet 50404

Size: 4 ft 3 in x 5 ft (1.3 m x 1.52 m)

Antique Caucasian Chi Chi Carpet, Country of Origin: Caucasia, Circa Date:– The nomadic Tchetchen people of the Caucasus in Central Asia picked up rug-making styles from their neighbors as they traveled around the region. The high-quality wool from the sheep who roamed alongside the nomads contributes to the timeless tradition of Chi-Chi rugs. This rug is a beautiful example of the Chi-Chi rug – the repeated geometric motifs in the center are echoed in the design of the gorgeous scrolling border. Deep red and navy blue around the border contrast with the yellow, cream, and cerulean in the field, which pops against an earthen brown that beautifully ties together the various elements.

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