Newly Woven Modern Wool With Silk Pile Swedish Design Kilim Flat Weave Rug, Origin: India, Date: Modern – This delightful, modern Swedish inspired kilim rug adds a whimsical character to the room that reflects mid-century modern design tastes. Mid-century modern design is all about creating contrast, and this modern area rug from India captures the concept of midcentury abstract art perfectly. It is a beautiful piece for your modern or retro-inspired space.

The abstract based mid century modern design relies on presenting familiar shapes in a way that you would not expect. The angles and rectangular shapes used to represent the water in this piece serve as the foundation for minimalist abstract fish swimming throughout the space. The design of the modern flat weave area rug has an organic feel in the placement of the shapes and colors. It reflects the natural world but does so in a way that infuses elements of the built world and man’s effect on the environment.

This was a popular concept in mid-century modern design and was made famous by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and his famous Falling Waters. This represented the intersection of human beings with the natural world. This is a modern piece, but the textile design was able to capture the essence of mid-century modern design perfectly. This artistic kilim rug brings in many of the elements found in vintage rugs and presented them in colors that are appealing for contemporary palettes. The pinks and oranges are on the warmer side of the spectrum, but the artist kept them light to highlight the overall delicate feel of the design.

This would be a beautiful area rug for a room with a large wall made of steel and glass overlooking a natural water element. Incorporating and introducing natural elements into an interior space is a design trend that continues to grow and is expected to be an important part of interior design in the upcoming year. This is a beautiful silk and wool rug that brings classic design elements into the space and presents them in a way that is in perfect alignment with modern taste.

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