Rustic Color Tribal Geometric Lion Design Antique Persian Kurdish Area Rug 45159

Size: 4 ft 1 in x 6 ft 4 in (1.24 m x 1.93 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Woven in 1910, this antique Kurdish lion rug features one of Persia’s most revered and elusive patterns, which represents an enduring symbol of majesty and power.

Antique Kurdish Persian Rug, Persia, 1910’s – The lion is a universal symbol of power that has been embraced as a national emblem by many countries. In Persia, the lion is a powerful and respected symbol used so frequently that Persia was called the land of lions in Zoroastrian times. This outstanding Kurdish lion rug features a traditional lozenge medallion decorated with repeating motifs flanked by angular spandrels decorated with lions, people, birds and various protection symbols. Main borders decorated with a reciprocating flower and leaf pattern continue the warm burnt sienna, orange and brown color scheme while guard bands embellished with angular boteh motifs complete the symbolic theme. This Persian antique Kurdish rug features a subtle abrash throughout the field that adds to the visual texture and tribal charm of this unique lion rug created in 1910.

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