Room Size Vintage Spanish Rug 50591

Size: 11 ft 8 in x 14 ft 1 in (3.56 m x 4.29 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

Ivory Background Colored Vintage Spanish Rug, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: Middle of 20th century (around 1940) – This vintage Spanish rug delivers an antique tone, its pattern lightened and hazy like a bright spring day. The pattern of small, delicate flowers fades against the light background, leaving echoes of its presence replicated across the main design. An intertwining latticework of zigzagging lines moves down the body of the rug, lines separating and meeting again around the vintage pattern. A thinner line in the same darker hue snakes around the entire antique rug, forming a vine-like border. Small blossoms with curling leaves rest between and around this vine. Another small border composed of light and dark zigzags enmeshed completes the room size rug.

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