Room-Size Abstract Gentle Tones Decorative Modern Area Rug 11648

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Size: 10 ft 2 in x 14 ft 2 in (3.1 m x 4.32 m)

Amazing Room-Size Abstract Gentle Tones Decorative Modern Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Creating a warm and inviting room begins with choosing the right rug as a foundation. The rug sets the tone of the room and guides the furniture and other elements of the space. The calming neutrals and blues of this rug will help you create a space for relaxing or creativity. It would be a perfect foundation for a home office or productive space, too.

Minimalism has been around for many years, and all indications are that it is not going away anytime soon. This rug adds a touch of color in a way that is subtle. Blue is a color that has a calming effect on the human psyche and is one that decorators turn to when they want to create a space that is relaxing and inviting.

The shifting colors of this rug remind you of the sky on a warm summer day and will make you want to drift away or enjoy a favorite book. This rug would be perfect for a meditation room or studio. Blue is the neutral, and you have many options for pairing this rug with colors, such as grays, beige, or earthy greens.

It would make the perfect complement for a room with plenty of texture, Moroccan poufs, and elements made from natural materials. If your style is beachy or coastal, this rug is a splendid way to add a touch of sea and sky to the theme. The best part is that the gently-shifting neutral tones of the rug will allow you to create a space that is serene and expressive.

The colors of this rug will catch the natural lighting in the room and give an open and airy feel. The colors are uplifting and will give the space the uplift that it needs. This minimalist rug has a gentle feel and will make the space feel inviting the minute you enter it.

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