What is a Heddle tool?

Learning about the Heddle tool

What is a Heddle and how it is used when weaving rugs

Heddle – There are many tools involved in the process of rug weaving. Many of these tools are ancient and have been used with little variation for centuries.

One of the most important tools in rug weaving in the heddle – a simple tool with an essential function. The heddle is a thin bar or wood serving as an armature for a series of loops that wrap around alternate warps on the rug loom.

Heddle - How Rugs are Made Nazmiyal
Heddle – Guide to How Rugs and Carpets are Made by Nazmiyal

By pulling evenly on the heddle it is possible to reverse the over-under orientation of the warps and to separate them so that successive passes of wefts may be run through quickly, easily, and in an alternating over-under weave.

The heddle enable the foundation to be produced quickly so that the weavers may allocate their time to producing the pile or facing. When an artisan is weaving a fine rug or carpet, the tools are essential to the successful execution of the final product.

A simple tool with an important and complex function, the heddle is an ancient instrument or tool that carpet and rug weavers have been depending on for centuries.