Antique Rug Symbols

Guide to Antique Rug Symbols and Their Meanings

Comprehensive Guide to Antique Rug Symbols and Design Patterns

Antique Rug Symbols -- Having been in the business of buying and selling antique rugs and carpets for more than thirty years, the Nazmiyal Collection has long been committed to the principle that the best customer is always an informed customer. In keeping with this commitment, we have composed and assembled an extensive series of online guides to antique rugs and vintage rugs designed to shine light on this exciting and age old art form. In this guide, we take a look at the meaning behind common symbols found in antique rugs.

The tribes and cultures from around the world that have traditions of producing the fine handmade rugs, carpets, & textiles that make up the Nazmiyal Collection's inventory often use symbolism in their work to give their finished pieces a sense of meaning. Whether these symbolic motifs are religious, social, or informative, they imbue the antique and vintage rugs they are woven into with a sense of history and narrative.

Click the motifs on the grid below to learn about their meanings and histories: