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Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs Articles - Over the years, we have assembled a large volume of articles about antique rugs and vintage rugs. These articles range widely in subject matter. Some of these articles deal expressly with one antique rug style or origin. Others deal with the process of purchasing an antique rug, while others detail how rugs are made. Finally, some articles are designed to present our readers with useful tips on decorating interior spaces with antique rugs. Here, we have assembled all of our antique rug and vintage rug articles in one place.

We have amassed a wide selection of information to assist you if you are looking to learn more about Persian rugs, or to pick up some tips on how to decorate your rooms with your vintage Scandinavian rug. At the Nazmiyal Collection, we believe in an educational approach to rug buying. We believe that educated consumers are the best consumers, and we are pleased to be able to provide you with at least some of the information that you will likely need in your pursuit of an antique or vintage rug.

Our articles about antique rugs and carpets are sorted based on the specific types of rugs or general categories.

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You may also be interested in learning the meaning of specific terms, information on which may be found in our Antique Rug Glossary.