Red Background Small Size Antique Swastika Motif Tibetan Rug 45640

Size: 4 ft 2 in x 5 ft 8 in (1.27 m x 1.73 m)

This antique Tibetan rug makes a grand impression with an endless pattern of Pinyin-Wan fretwork motifs and a grand medallion embellished with stylized blossoms.

Tibetan Rug, Tibet, Early 20th Century – Rendered in a whimsical combination of ivory, vermillion and ultramarine blue, this charming antique rug from Tibet features elegant floral borders, a grand ogival medallion, swastika motifs, and an endless background of interlocking Pinyin-Wan fretwork motifs rendered in a striking combination of ivory and vermillion red. Set among an entangled sea of articulate fretwork motifs, the central medallion features polychromatic ultramarine outlines that highlight the sweeping ogival curves and rectilinear steps that frame the stylized blossoms featured within the bold medallion. Minor guard bands decorated with constellated roundels separate the elegant field from the staggered chrysanthemum blossoms featured in the inner borders and main borders. This antique Tibetan rug features a variety of traditional Indo-Asian motifs, including chrysanthemum blossoms and Pinyin-Wan fretwork details, rendered in a novel combination of clear colors.

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