Red Antique Agra Indian Rug 41269

Size: 13 ft 6 in x 17 ft 5 in (4.11 m x 5.31 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Few nineteenth-century carpets capture the rich and elegant detail of classical Persian and Mughal design with the skill and authenticity of this sumptuous antique Agra from India.

An Impressive Antique Indian Agra Rug, Rug Origin: India, Weaving Date: Late 19th Century – While many nineteenth century carpets strive to evoke the rich and elegant detail of classical Persian and Mughal design, few actually capture it with the skill and authenticity of this sumptuous antique Agra. Brilliantly detailed palmettes and cloud-bands dance alongside fine vines and birds in this magnificent ornamental evocation of the natural world. But however beautiful the field may be, it must share the stage with the spectacular cartouche border, and together they rival the classical forerunners that were their inspiration. Even the palette is faithful to such models with its saturated reds, greens, lavenders, and saffron colors.

A gorgeous display of natural elements interspersed with floral shapes makes this Indian Agra rug the perfect addition to any home’s interior decor. Your eyes are drawn to the floral and vine-like patterns on a sea of rich red. A thin strand of diamonds and hexagons surrounds the red and floral sea, followed by another thin strip of squares. These semi geometric shapes are then surrounded in floral and vines, in the border, this time in a sea of green, an eye-catching accent to the red. Finally, the entire antique Oriental carpet is outlined by a series of hexagons and squares. The opposing colors seem to dance around the edge, giving the large size rug a whimsical vibe.

The simple beauty of the shapes intensifies the elegance and intricacy of the floral designs. Taking a closer look at what seems to be flowers and vines, you may start to see something else. Is that flower actually a beetle? Are those vines really feathers? Now you become lost in your imagination. The longer you stare in wonderment, the more your mind is opened to new possibilities.

This is an Agra rug that can tell you a story. Start with the whimsical shapes, follow them through the forest of ancient beetles to the band of diamonds, and get lost in the crimson sea of your own imagination.

From first glance to careful examination, this magnificent work of textile art will not only accent your home beautifully, but will broaden your mind and inspire curiosity. Will you pair this with a lovely bouquet or flowers, or an ancient carved scarab? Whatever your choice, you will be sure to have many years of enjoyment and intrigue over this magnificent high end luxurious rug.

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