Rare Tribal Design Brown Background Antique Persian Kurdish Hall Runner Rug 45162

Size: 2 ft 8 in x 11 ft (0.81 m x 3.35 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Ancient protection symbols and stacked medallions decorated with secondary motifs dot the camel brown field of this antique Kurdish rug created in 1900.

Antique Kurdish Rug, Persia, 1900’s – In the tribal style, this antique Kurdish rug features a highly decorative background punctuated with ancient symbolic motifs, including geometric animals, stars used to symbolize happiness, and several checkerboard patterns used for protection against the forces of the evil eye. Minor borders decorated with S-hooks set inside lozenge cartouches support the primary borders, which are decorated with colorful ram’s horn motifs embellished with secondary protection symbols. This antique Kurdish rug woven in the 1900’s features an endless variety of ancient protection symbols rendered in a relatively limited color scheme that includes a subdued combination of crimson, steely blue, ivory and camel brown.

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