Rare Camel Hair Antique Bakshaish Persian Runner 49278

Size: 2 ft 9 in x 17 ft (0.84 m x 5.18 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Rare Camel Hair Antique Bakshaish Persian Runner 49278, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880 – This Persian runner rug is the type of gem that’s hard to find in this day and age. It’s a Persian Bakshaish rug that puts majestic, detail-oriented and angular patterns and designs on display. It has a long and narrow size and color palette that’s suitable for all types of interior design approaches. If you’re looking for a Persian rug that can make a fantastic addition to your hallway, this camel hair antique Bakshaish Persian runner may be one to seriously consider.

The colors that make up this antique Oriental rug are a pleasing combination of bright, breathtaking and striking. The camel hair Bakshaish rug has soft brown, red, beige and touches of light blue elements that come together to create a calm and very zen-like feel.

Although this runner is an undeniable antique that has a lot of history and culture on its side, there’s also no disputing that it’s a versatile piece. This antique Bakshaish Persian runner could work in a classic setting just as effortlessly as it can work in a min-century modern one. This tribal antique Persian Bakshaish runner rug is hands down one of the most impressive and beautiful examples of its kind!

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