Pictorial Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Mashahir Rug 70217

Size: 4 ft 10 in x 8 ft 8 in (1.47 m x 2.64 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Small Size Pictorial Design Antique Persian Mohtasham Kashan Mashahir Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1880– Some antique Oriental carpets stand out in the world of Persian rugs as a rare find. This is indeed one of them. This magnificent Kashan carpet was produced by the famous designer Ustad Mohtasham around the 1880’s. During that time, the Persian carpet industry was experiencing a period of growth and revitalization. Mohtasham is one of the artists who was responsible for this resurgence in the popularity of Persian carpets around the world.

This carpet is special because it features famous noblemen and Kings throughout Persian history. It is called A Mashahir rug, which translates to “noblemen.” This beautiful carpet was more than likely commissioned for such a nobleman to honor the history and great leaders of the Persian Empire. The names of the noblemen and leaders are inscribed on the side of the carpet, providing a clue as to the identity of some of them.

One may notice that the styles worn by the noblemen and leaders represent more than 1,000 years of Persian history. The more ancient leaders are at the bottom of the antique rug, and the more recent ones are at the top. The Pictorial carpet presents some of the leaders in profile and others straight on. The artist incorporated sophisticated artistry into the design of the carpet. It shows a high level of skill in the ability to reproduce the likenesses in a way that makes them recognizable to one who is versed in Persian history.

The ability to produce details of this scale requires a fine material and high knot count. This carpet may have taken years to produce from start to finish. It is a rare find would make an excellent addition, as well as the crowning piece, of any carpet collection. It stands out in both its quality and unique design. It is a historically significant piece and the creation of one of Persian’s most famous carpet designers.

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