Pair of Antique Polychromatic Bian Fu Bats and Foo Dog Patterned Chinese Rank Badges 46125

Size: 0 ft 10 in x 1 ft 11 in (0.25 m x 0.58 m)
Origin: China

Buddhist symbols rendered in shimmering floss create a stunning pattern that supports the stylized predators featured in this pair of antique military rank badges.

Pair of Antique Chinese Rank Badge, Origin: China – This pair of exquisitely colored antique Chinese military rank badges depicts a stylized right-facing predator Foo Dog set in a classical composition that includes vivid waves and a multitude of colorful symbols. The somber bole brown field is decorated with a lovely variety of ancient Buddhist symbols. Precious objects, endless knots, polychromatic bian fu bats, lush lotus blossoms and stylized clouds are set over a chic background of tonal scrollwork. The traditional composition of these antique Chinese military rank badges includes a grand stylized predator seated on a tonal pedestal that emerges from a sea of arching waves, frothy crests and shimmering lishui stripes. Delicate borders decorated with dainty flowers and shimmering scrollwork accents enclose the vibrant composition of these traditional antique military rank badges from China.

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