Oversized Antique Indian Rug 70384

Size: 17 ft 6 in x 31 ft 2 in (5.33 m x 9.5 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Beautiful Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880 – Few things in this world can match the beauty and artistry of an antique Sultanabad rug. This oversized masterpiece was created in the 1880s at a time when master artisans were attempting the re-establish the once-great Persian rug weaving industry.

Since the great Safavid Dynasty of the 16th century, the rug weavers of Persia were considered masters of their craft. They were commissioned by the royal courts to create carpets to grace the floors and walls of palaces, mosques, and to be used as diplomatic gifts. Some of the rugs were large in size, such as this piece. Such a rug could take a team of trained weavers working under the supervision of a master artist over a year to complete.

This piece is an exquisite work of art that shows the skill and artistry that made Sultanabad a center of the carpet industry. The rug has a fine weave that allows for a high level of detail. The colors are traditional and created using natural plant materials that blend harmoniously.

One important characteristic of note about this piece is its exceptional level of preservation for its age. It has been well-cared for over its journey. The precision, symmetry, and formality of the design reflect the work of an established weaving center in the city, rather than a more primitive tribal creation from the surrounding area.

This rug has a formal character, and it will bring its elegant and stately character to a traditional room design. Persian rugs have found their way into many contemporary, modern designs, too. They form the centerpiece of the design and inspire the rest of the furniture and accessories. This is an exceptional piece for its artistry and its size. It is the perfect piece for a larger space, or for the collector.

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