Oversize Earth Tone Antique Persian Sultanabad Area Rug 50060

Size: 14 ft x 20 ft 7 in (4.27 m x 6.27 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

The brown field of this antique rug carries a motif of variable geometric designs in blue, dark brown, white, pink and grays.

A Highly Decorative Oversize Earth Tone Antique Persian Sultanabad Area Rug , Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1900Neutral color palettes are a design trend that continues to make headlines. The earthy chocolates and range of browns are the perfect complement to modern color trends with names such as creamy mushroom, red pepper, and dragonfly blue. Earthy colors and natural materials are meant to bring a calm and composed look to the space. This antique Sultanabad was created around the turn of the 20th century and would be the perfect way to mix a bit of traditional design into a room of neutrals.

Sultanabad is a traditional carpet weaving center that was later renamed Arak. Around the turn of the 20th century, these carpets were in high demand on the European and American markets. They were renowned for their beautiful designs and masterful use of color. They often found their way into formal estates and the homes of wealthy collectors.

Sultanabad carpets often feature all-over designs with a repeating motif, such as this one. This carpet stands out for several reasons. The carpets of the formal carpet weaving centers often use fine detail and are carried out with precision. This Sultanabad has a more tribal quality in its level of detail, simple use of color, and precision of the execution of the design. This one might have been produced in the villages surrounding the area because of its more tribal qualities.

This tribal character makes it the perfect foundation for a contemporary, global design, or Boho chic room. It has a primitive quality and colors that evoke the natural world. This would be the perfect antique rug for a room of neutral tones and natural materials. Layered carpets are a trend that has made its way into contemporary design magazines. Designers are mixing carpets of different colors and patterns to create visual depth and complexity in the room. This would be the perfect piece to round out a layered look or to serve as the foundation of the design.

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