Orange Color Modern Contemporary Persian Sultanabad Design Hallway Runner Rug 44712

Size: 2 ft 11 in x 12 ft 5 in (0.89 m x 3.78 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Typifying Sultanabad’s regional style, this stately corridor carpet features a large arabesque with grand medallions and vinescrolls set over a burnt sienna field.

This chic Persian rug from Sultanabad is decorated with a grand arabesque that creates a single repeat across the narrow field. Rendered in a muted hue of oxidized gray, the central arabesque features circular medallions and hollow quatrefoils formed by the interwoven vine scrolls. Simple burnt sienna outlines define the petals within the circular medallions and are used again to define the selection of reciprocating floral motifs that decorate the ivory borders. Formal borders decorated with a variety of delicate floral motifs are juxtaposed against the broad and unmoving arabesque that decorates the warm brick red field. Exemplifying the classic style of Sultanabad, this Persian rug has a unique simplicity that adds clarity and definition to the lavish curvilinear patterns, which are used throughout Persia.

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