Navy Blue Field Color Antique Tribal Geometric Design Caucasian Kazak Hallway Runner Rug 43820

Size: 3 ft 9 in x 13 ft 4 in (1.14 m x 4.06 m)
Style: Kazak Rugs

This exceptional runner from the Caucasus features a geometric arabesque decorated with protection symbols and minute details with strong Kazak features.

Antique Caucasian Kazak Runner Rug, Origin: Caucasus, Circa: 1900 – This superbly beautiful antique rug — a piece that is actually technically a runner, woven in the Kazak tradition in the Caucuses some time around the turn of the twentieth century — is a brilliant example of the traditional Kazak notions of design and craftsmanship. Woven in the Caucasus, this exceptional antique Caucasian Kazak carpet features traditional protection symbols woven into an angular all-over arabesque based around a columnar series of rosettes and serrated lozenges defined by foliate figures and geometric latch hooks. Ivory guard bands decorated with a reciprocating hook pattern flank the prominent main borders, which feature serrated leaves and secondary wine-cup motifs woven in a classic combination of red, ivory and indigo blue. Richly historical and deeply culturally relevant, this winner of a runner is a testament to the skill of the people who made it.

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