Modernist Collection Orange And Light Blue Color Modern Area Rug 172787251

Size: 9 ft 11 in x 14 ft 1 in (3.02 m x 4.29 m)

This rug can be ordered in any standard or custom sizes.

Beautiful Room Size Modernist Collection Rug, Rug Type / Country of Origin: India – Exploring cutting-edge design trends, this carpet seamlessly integrates new color combinations, geometric patterns, and layered elements, presenting a fresh and inventive take on contemporary aesthetics. Gray, emerging as a trendsetting color, finds its place in this design, serving as the perfect complement to an organic color palette. The subdued yet contrasting rust and gray hues imbue the carpet with a nuanced feel, adding an intriguing dimension to any space.

Crafted in India, this woven masterpiece employs a harmonious blend of colors within the mid-range of their respective families. The result is a carpet that exudes a sense of tranquility and versatility, capable of effortlessly harmonizing with various color palettes without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. Its compatibility extends to deep forest greens and browns, as well as the bold options of navy blue or black for a more dramatic impact.

The artist strategically divided the carpet into distinctive sections, employing pattern shifts to introduce an interplay of visual dynamics. The upper portion showcases contrasting vertical zigzags and horizontal stripes, creating a tension between boldness and delicacy, straight lines and angles. As one moves to the lower section, these elements seamlessly intertwine and coalesce. Broad horizontal lines merge within the zigzag patterns, while smaller zigzags find their place amid broader horizontal stripes, maintaining a clear visual distinction.

This modernist carpet serves as an exploration of contrast, where the artist skillfully navigates the realms of separateness and cohesion. It goes beyond being a mere piece of furniture, evolving into a captivating artwork for the floor that invites contemplation and admiration for its innovative blend of form and function.

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