Modern Rustic Patchwork Design Handmade Tribal Area Rug 11326

Size: 6 ft 11 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.11 m x 3 m)

Charming Modern Rustic Patchwork Design Handmade Tribal Area Rug, Country of origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This is the year for adding color and pattern to your room design, and this rug is the perfect way to do it. This rug has the feel of a patchwork quilt, or perhaps a tribal-inspired piece. Any way you look at it, this rug is for those who love color and plenty of it.

The colors of the rug are soft, which gives it an aged look as if it has been mellowed by the hands of time. This gives it an ancient feel and folk art quality. Pieces that look as if they were touched by human hands make the home feel cozy and inviting. This piece is perfect for a folk art Japanese Wabi Sabi room. The motifs are ancient and give the rug a primitive quality that is perfect for Boho Chic or tribal-inspired accessories.

When it comes to decorating with this rug, you have many possibilities for colors and patterns to layer into the space. This rug has a palette that includes spicy reds, citrusy yellow, and delicate blues, allowing you to add a touch of color to your space without adding too much. The colors are muted, as if time has tried to erase them, making it an excellent piece for a transitional room that mixes vintage and contemporary pieces.

The most important factor in interior design this year is creating spaces that make you feel energetic and joyful. This rug will set the tone of the room and give it an optimistic feel. This is the perfect rug for those who can’t get enough color in their lives. Whether you are a minimalist who just wants a touch of color or are planning the ultimate makeover, the colors of this rug are designed to give any room the uplift that way and create a delightful foundation for the room.

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