Swedish Inspired Scandinavian Modern Kilim Carpet 48479


Size: 7 ft x 9 ft 2 in (2.13 m x 2.79 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

A Modern Flat Weave Swedish Inspired Scandinavian Design Modern Kilim Area Carpet, Rug Origin: India, Age: This Is A Modern Area Rug – Rich crimson color and playful, complex geometry define this Swedish inspired kilim rug. A rhythmic abstract design forms intricate patterns. Warm crimson, sophisticated shades of green, and welcoming warm lavender imbue the inspired Scandinavian carpet with warmth, security, and comfort. The rich colors, creative pattern, and unique design of this striking modern rug create a singular and lovely decorative statement.

Our collection of modern Swedish rugs includes a wide range of magnificently designed Scandinavian influenced area rugs. If you see a rug from our collection the you “almost love” just reach out and let us know as these rugs can be custom made and recreated in almost any size, shape and color. This aspect gives you the flexibility of creating the perfect area rug for your home. The demand for flat weave area rugs has soared in recent years due to the resurgence of the mid century modern designs. The TV shows like Mad Men featured many of the vintage rugs that were woven in Scandinavia and as a result of this exposure the demand started to explode.

Mid century modern furniture and rugs and magnificent examples of the artistic influence that this movement had. Artists and designers took on designing furniture, textiles and tapestries and that created a totally new look that the world has never seen before. These fresh new looks that were inspired by nature and created by some of the most iconic textile designers and artists revolutionized the world of interior design.

If you are looking for a spectacular modern rugs, with roots deeply intrenched in the MCM movement, this Swedish Inspired Scandinavian Modern Kilim Carpet would make a great options and these newer rugs are also very affordable compared to the true MCM productions.

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