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Modern Swedish Kilim Rug 49049

Size: 7 ft x 10 ft (2.13 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Modern Swedish Inspired Kilim Rug, Circa Date: Modern  – This flat woven kilim rug exudes of a simple refreshing calmness with its muted neutral earth tones. The rug’s design ambiguity relates to the coolness of water and the warmth of wood. The slight reference to its geometric patterns without being too hard, makes it relaxing to behold and makes you want to touch its simplicity and run your fingers along the muted lines. Serene and sophisticated at the same time, it is elegant without being harsh. The cool colors in the design of this rug, which was obviously inspired by the vintage mid century Scandinavian rugs, are gentle to view with the changing sizes of the blocks that make you look in different directions and sends you whirling up into oblivion. Bursts of larger sized blocks to tantalize your feelings with a warmer tone to them bring you back towards the earth. The warmer tone is carried into the border that is on the top and bottom of this elegant piece. It has geometric abstraction that brings it into a modern age but still holds onto a classic elegance of simplicity to keep it timeless. The quality workmanship of this modern contemporary rug competes with the many small nuances that make this modern Swedish inspired Kilim rug captivating. A simple piece that can withstand the test of time for years to come. Simplicity at its finest.

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