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Modern Flat Weave Rug 801750910 by Nazmiyal NYC

Modern Flat Weave Rug 801750910

Size: 9 ft 5 in x 13 ft 8 in (2.87 m x 4.17 m)

Modern Flat Weave Rug, Origin: Central Asia – The bold black and white stripes of this handwoven wool flat weave rug are modern and trendy. Patterned rugs are the perfect accompaniment to designs that are retro-inspired, ultra-modern, Swedish modern, or any design that uses furniture with arrow legs and space underneath.

In a black and white room, this rug creates drama and energy. It is the perfect piece for mixing and matching patterns in a black and white space. The rug has a subtle border in grays that helps to define the space in a gentle way. The horizontal stripes will make the space look wider, but the border acts as a frame to stop the eyes at the edges. This creates the impression that the space of the rug is well-defined.

The artist contrasts color and line. The contrast of vertical and horizontal motion enhances the dramatic effect of the piece. The lines are crisp and clear, but within the sections, the artist used color variation to add texture and interest. This gives it visual depth and breaks up the color blocking of the piece. This kilim would be the perfect addition to a color-blocked room because of its larger solid areas of color and is softness in the transition from one color to the next.

This is a versatile rug that has an ultra-modern or retro-inspired feel. A majority of the rug is white, which gives it a fresh and airy feeling that will extend into the rest of the room. The lightness of the design will make the room look larger and more spacious. In a larger room, it will serve as a focal point that could be used to draw attention to certain features of the room.

This is a beautiful modern rug in a classic design. It would make the perfect piece for bold colors, such as reds, pinks, yellows, and blues. This rug holds many possibilities for creating a space that is cheerful and lively. You can limit the colors that you add to the palette or add them all to make a statement that reflects your unique personality.

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