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Modern Flat Weave Rug 801780371 by Nazmiyal NYC

Modern Flat Weave Rug 801780371


Size: 4 ft 7 in x 11 ft 1 in (1.4 m x 3.38 m)

A Beautiful And Tribal Design Modern Flat Weave Rug, Origin: Central Asia – This gorgeous gray and chocolate brown flat weave rug has a natural feel that will add a graphic element to a contemporary space. The design of the rug features a repeating geometric pattern, but the artist took a few liberties in its execution to give the rug a quality that is abstract, or perhaps a bit on the tribal side. The simplicity of the design gives it a primitive feel that would be perfect for an eclectic space that features mixed patterns and elements that reflect the natural world.

This piece has an organic quality that is reminiscent of an African, Moroccan, or global design. The repeating motif creates a pattern that would be perfect for a layered carpet look in a Boho chic room. It would be the perfect complement to natural woods, plants, and accessories that reflect the organic world.

The artist varied the weight and thickness of the lines, giving it a unique hand-drawn quality. It looks a bit like calligraphy created with a brush and ink. It is reminiscent of bamboo that has hand been painted with minimal strokes to capture its emotion and essence, similar to a Japanese painting style. The modern rug has an abstract quality that would be the perfect foundation for a minimalist, retro-inspired furniture, or with a big overstuffed leather sofa. The design is versatile enough to fit into a wide range of popular contemporary styles.

This kilim could easily be used to add interest to a room of neutral tones. It’s organic quality, and its repeating pattern is reminiscent of mid century modern abstract styles. This rug has a relaxed, casual feel that is perfect for creating a cozy retreat. It adds warmth and character to any modern or nature-inspired space.

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