Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug 60100

Size: 3 ft 6 in x 5 ft (1.07 m x 1.52 m)

Beautiful Flat Woven Small Small Size Modern Persian Kilim Rug In A Soft Yellow Color, Country of Origin: Persia, The Circa Date: Newly Woven / Modern – Some colors can instantly change the entire tone of your room, and even subtly influence your mood. Because of its brilliant use of beautiful color, this modern Persian rug will lift your spirits and charge any room with joyful energy. There has been a multitude of scientific studies that analyze how colors can impact our emotions to some extent.

Anyone that’s studied film or art understands that certain colors are used to symbolize various emotional states. A bloody, vivid red cues the viewer to feel a protagonist’s intense rage. Conversely, a morose blue can convey pensive moodiness. Here, this carpet uses yellow and orange to infuse the viewer with a light sense of joy.

To be clear, the yellow that appears is not blinding. In fact, some people may even consider it a shade of orange. This color choice is intentional. If you take a closer look at the rug’s design, you will see that it is a combination of yellow threads and orange threads that are quite similar in shade.

Yellow and orange often share a certain overlap in their impacts. Both colors symbolize a bright sense of happiness. The key difference is that orange combines the joy of yellow with the energy of red, which gives this carpet a special effervescence. Finally, white threads in the background prevent these colors from becoming too entangled or muted and bring out their lighter tones.

Although this flat weave carpet would look fantastic in kitchens specifically, it is excellent decor for different areas. It clearly gives any room it lives in an amazing pop of color and lively feeling. This makes it particularly useful in rooms with all dark leather furniture as a cheerful contrast that does not clash with the existing furniture. Whatever you choose to do with it, this bright rug will add warmth to the room and even subtly make your days a bit better.

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