Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug 60098

Size: 3 ft 8 in x 5 ft 2 in (1.12 m x 1.57 m)

Beautiful Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug. Country of Origin: Modern Persian / Circa Date: Modern – What is even more unique is that this rug has lasted for a long time. Massive empires like the Persian Empire were praised because of their iconic and beautiful rugs. The patterns of Persian rugs would set artistic traditions for years, and influence the culture around the globe. The Persian Empire is now no longer, and modern Iran stands in its place. However, such a prominent art does not disappear into the night. Modern Persian rugs retain their massive popularity.

With bold and stark use of colors, this flat weave rug is a clear example of why Persian rugs remain in favor to this day. Most carpets tend to rely on a clear cut background that dominates the majority of their design. This particular iteration uses a very different scheme.

It covers the space with so many bold, thick lines of varying width that’s it is difficult to tell which color truly serves as a background. What is even more unique is that this stylistic design does change. At the top of the rug, it seems clear that the background is a soft, off-white. However, the lines increase so that near the middle the off-white is nearly gone. Finally, the off-white begins to appear in much thicker lines towards the end of the rug.

While this may seem like a haphazard placement, it is actually a very deliberate design decision. By bunching several thinner black lines in the center and decreasing the off-white space, it draws the eye to the center of the rug. This is further emphasized with its use of two other colors, blue and red. Thin blue and red lines appear bundled together with thin black lines to box the center off. Everything about this carpet is extremely intentional and imbues this rug with a contemporary aesthetic.

With minimalism becoming a growing modern trend in both design and lifestyle, this carpet could not be available at a better time. It fits perfectly in many different kinds of residences from fashion-forward apartments to well-loved homes. At only 3 feet 8 inches by 5 feet 2 inches, it has small, unobtrusive dimensions that will not crowd up a room. Because of its striking use of dark colors, this modern Persian rug especially compliments formal rooms or rooms with black furniture.

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