Modern Contemporary Earthy Brown Color Minimalist Persian Kilim Hallway Runner Rug 60085

Size: 4 ft 5 in x 10 ft 2 in (1.35 m x 3.1 m)

Beautiful Modern Persian Flat Weave Rug. Country of Origin: Modern Persian / Circa Date: Modern – This modern Persian rug is a hallway runner that has an earthy feel that is organic and will emphasize the width and overall space of the architecture. It would be perfect for a wider hallway for any area in the home where you want to create a pathway that connects one area to another.

Rugs that mimic the colors of nature and eco-friendly design are a trend that continues to gain popularity around the world. Styles such as Nordic, Scandinavian Modern, minimalist, and Boho chic rely on this connection to nature as the basis for the design.

The earthy browns of this flat weave rug shift gently from light to dark. The artist included repetition, which emphasizes the length of the rug and provides a sense of rhythm. Each band progresses in a gradient from light to dark. They are separated by rows of accent stitching, which further highlights the three-dimensional effect of the design.

This rug is the perfect complement to a room that features function and utility over form. Although there is no denying that it is a beautiful piece, and its design will complement the simplicity of minimalist designs and organic spaces. The colors of the rug create a feeling that is cozy and soulful. It would be perfect for adding definition to the space in an open-plan apartment.

Multifunctional pieces are a trend that continues to gain popularity. This rug could serve many functions throughout the space and would be the perfect addition to any room where enough floor space is available. This piece would also make the perfect weekend sanctuary with plenty of pillows and plants around the room. It is the perfect beginning to a design where you can get away from the world to relax and recharge.

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