Mid-Century Modern Geometric Scandinavian Swedish Design Flatweave Kilim Contemporary Area Rug 72541


Size: 8 ft x 10 ft 3 in (2.44 m x 3.12 m)

Charming Mid-Century Modern Geometric Scandinavian Swedish Design Flatweave Kilim Contemporary Area Rug, Country of origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern Rugs – This modern flatweave area ug is filled with Midcentury Modern charm with its geometric design and retro color palette. Midcentury Modern has experienced a resurgence and it is still a favorite. If you live in a home that was built during the 1950’s through 1970/s, this rug will help you create an authentic look. It is also perfect for contemporary styles, too.

The colors of this rug are gentle and delicate. They are on the cooler side of the spectrum and have an organic feel. Blue is a color that designers use to create a sense of serenity in the space. It is the color of earth and sky, making it an excellent choice to add to a neutral palette. This rug adds in a few mauves and purples that give it a rich texture and depth.

The geometric design of the piece gives it structure and rhythm. The pattern created by the brown outlined rectangular forms enhances this effect. The artist created contrast in color with the seemingly random choice of blues and purples. This year, contrast is a big theme in interior design trends, and this rug will help you bring this trend to your space.

The colors and design of this rug are earthy and nature-inspired. Scandinavian design continues to bring warmth and coziness to our spaces. The essence of this design style is merging elements that represent the natural world with elements that represent the world of man. This rug brings together the rigidness of the shapes with a gentle, natural color scheme.

This is a beautiful piece to serve as the foundation for many vintage and modern styles. It will pair well with a room of Eames Era furniture as easily as it will with contemporary pieces. Now, there is no rule that says you cannot have a little of each in your space to create your perfect personal sanctuary, and this rug is the perfect way to do it.

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