Luxurious Silk Modern Khotan Style Area Rug 72157

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Size: 8 ft 4 in x 10 ft 7 in (2.54 m x 3.23 m)

Luxurious Soft And Beautiful Silk Modern Khotan Style Area Rug, Origin: India, Circa: Modern – This modern rug from India is based on the iconic designs of the iconic antique Khotan rugs from East Turkestan. The original antique rugs are some of the most unique area rug styles ever made. This is due to the fact that Khotan is one of the major stops and situated along the famed silk rout. As a result, the original silk road rugs were influenced by a wide range of designs and patterns that we see in Turkish, Chinese and ever Persian rugs.

While the design of modern rugs such as this are very much influenced by the original Khotan rugs, they have have been given an update to the colors and especially the sizes. The vast majority of the original antique area rugs that were woven in Khotan are either small or long and narrow, so finding true antique Khotan rugs from East Turkestan in a room sizes will be quite rare. In addition, very few of the original types of these area rugs can be found as silk rugs so this is another aspect of this magnificent example that sets it apart.

The silk fibers, combined with the beautiful soft happy colors and magnificent design give this rug a truly luxurious and high-end look and feel. Since this Khotan design piece is new, the rug will be far more affordably priced than if it were an older antique or vintage rug. This lower cost base, combined with that fact that it is quite versatile and decorative, make it a great rug option for a hotel and the hospitality industry as well as a beautiful addition to a home or office.

Those area rugs that use softer colors and beautiful allover designs tend to be rugs that are relatively easy to place in rooms. For people who are considering which area rugs to buy for their home but want something that is more affordable and easy to work with, this silk pile modern Khotan design area rug will make your decorating project both fun and quite easy.

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