Long and Narrow Antique American Hooked Runner Rug 49526

Size: 1 ft 9 in x 21 ft (0.53 m x 6.4 m)

Beautiful Long and Narrow Antique American Hooked Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: American Rug, Circa Date: 1930 – This unique long runner size rug is sure to add a touch of style and splash of bold color to any home’s interior decor.

This magnificent antique American Hooked rug has a two toned background. This background fades alternatively from light gray to dark gray and is bordered by lighter colored half circles reminiscent of a tree’s cross section. Each half-circle contains different colored rings. Down the center run circular flower motifs, fourteen in all, that are embedded into a geometric diamond pattern. These alternate with thirteen matching pairs of two ringed circles. The eleventh and twelfth circle pairs are the exception to the matching rule, boasting centers of different color in one and blue lines of different thickness the other.

Red flowers, similar in shape to tulips, with pale green stems and long leaves, encircle the round flower motifs that  run down the center of the beautiful American rug. In all but the first and last ring in this antique rug, a different kind of flower graces the center top and and bottom of each. These variations follow an alternative blue and yellow pattern.

The final geometric motif lies inside the tulip ring. Surrounded by a dark green leaf on each side, the aforementioned diamond shape graces the long Art Deco design antique American Hooked runner rug in shades of gray, red, or pale yellow. These diamonds each have different colored rings and / or stripes, tying into the designs of the border half-circles, which have similar variations.

The rings range from red to gray to pale blue. Some rings are also decorated with dots or stripes. Every variation serves to illustrate the unique nature of this collector’s item, while offering a cohesive color and shape scheme. This antique American Hooked runner is a truly remarkable and extremely decorative piece.

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