Light Color Decorative Antique Tribal Design Turkish Ghiordes Area Rug 46879

Size: 8 ft x 11 ft 4 in (2.44 m x 3.45 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

This spectacular antique Turkish rug depicts an elegant Persianate allover pattern rendered in a homogeneous selection of salmon, olive green and alabaster.

Ghiordes Rug, Turkey, Final Quarter of the 19th Century – Drawn in a refined Persianate style, this magnificent room-sized carpet displays a superb large-scale pattern of deeply notched blossoms arranged on a graceful latticework grid and set over soft alabaster ground. Flamboyant palmettes and inset blossoms in alternating hues of salmon and olive green anchor the grand lattice-based design. These majestic motifs are accompanied by rectilinear vines, angular leaflets and subtle iconography symbols. Broad borders featuring primary, secondary and tertiary components balance the immense scale of the field while showcasing the same homogeneous color scheme. The traditions of the famed Ghiordes village become increasingly evident in the charming borders, which include a fantastic collection of interconnected flower heads and shrubs paired with arborescent leaves and double florets that have a rustic style sought-after by decorators and collectors alike.

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