Light Blue Rustic Tribal Herati Fish Design Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug 72692


Size: 9 ft 10 in x 13 ft 2 in (3 m x 4.01 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking Light Blue Rustic Tribal Herati Fish Design Antique Persian Sultanabad Rug, Country of origin: Persian Rugs, Circa date: 1880 – Sultanabad is an area known for rugs of fine quality and exquisite design. This beautiful piece from the 1880s features the classic Herati, or fish design. The watery blues give us a hint that there might be more to the story of this rug than meets the eye.

The allover repeating motif in this rug consists of a floral design surrounded by a diamond pattern and four outward-facing acanthus leaves. This design is known as the Mahi motif, which translates to “fish” in Farsi-speaking areas. This might seem a bit confusing, at first, as the design seems to have little to do with fish.

The design is a reference to the story of Mithras, who is the God of contracts, oaths, and luck. The story says that Mithras was born on a floating lotus flower and that he was cared for by fish. It is thought that this motif once had the face of Mithras in the center of the lotus, but when Persia came under Islamic control, the use of human faces was forbidden. Scholars believe that floral motifs found in the center of the design are an adaptation to these laws.

The fish would eventually become acanthus leaves. In many depictions, the acanthus leaves seem to still have a pointed end that resembles a fish and a curvy end that looks like a tail. It is also believed that the name references the city of Herat, but it is questionable as to whether these rugs were first produced there.

The story behind this rug is fascinating, but the result is a piece that is graceful and has a calming feel. This rug is a well-loved piece, and the colors have been softened by the passage of time. This gives it a unique character that you do not find in modern rugs and makes it one that is a rare find. This rug will make a beautiful addition to any home or office, and its history is certain to spark the imagination and be a conversation starter.

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