Light Blue Room Size Modern Moroccan Style Rug 60113

Size: 9 ft 9 in x 12 ft 2 in (2.97 m x 3.71 m)

Beautiful Room Size Light Blue Modern Moroccan Style Afghan Rug / Country of Origin: Afghanistan/ Circa Date: Modern – This gorgeous, contemporary modern area rug was inspired by ancient tribal traditions. Nazmiyal’s modern Moroccan rug collection combines elements borrowed from the vintage tribal rug designs from tribes of the Atlas Mountains and combines them with contemporary design trends. This approach creates a piece that relies on time-honored traditions but brings them to your home or office in a way that is modern and fresh.

The design of this inspired room size Moroccan rug is borrowed from the iconic elements of mid century modern design. Interior designers of this era loved these primitive, geometric pieces. They used them to soften the edges of streamlined interiors with multi functional, geometric furniture. Today, we bring them into rooms for many of the same reasons, to soften the design and to give it a cozy and casual feel.

The artist played with an ancient design that resembles a river or stream flowing through the landscape. The earth-inspired elements of water, stone, and sand are emphasized by using blues and grays. Touches of creams and browns soften the graphic nature of the rug and give it a softer look. The artist added texture by alternating areas of flat weave with rows of hand-knotted pile. The pile of the rug is trimmed long to give it texture and a natural appearance.

The design of this Afghan rug will add depth and character to a contemporary space. It reflects elements of the natural world in its color and texture, giving it a relaxed and easy feel. The varying widths of color bands also add a modern abstract element to the design that makes this beautiful room size rug the perfect addition to many ultra-modern spaces. The blues add a touch of color to a neutral room. This is a versatile piece that will add depth and a touch of elegance to a modern space by combining designs of the past in a way that is in line with today’s contemporary style trends.

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