Light Blue Background Antique Persian Tribal Herati Pattern 19th Century Bakshaish Rug 44432

Size: 4 ft 9 in x 7 ft 2 in (1.45 m x 2.18 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This extraordinary antique Bakshaish has a Herati pattern of classical Persian derivation.

44432 Antique Bakshaish, Persia, late nineteenth century – While most antique Bakshaishes are renowned for their bold graphic designs, this extraordinary piece has a finely wrought Herati pattern of classical Persian derivation. Here an allover mesh of sickle-shaped palmettes and rosettes arranged about an interlacing trellis of vines sprawls across a dark ground that contrasts dramatically with the rich golds and reds of the delicate floral details. An S- vine scroll border set against a gold ground provides the perfect framing contrast to the field, enhanced by additional guard stripes and a minor border of cabling.

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