Decorative Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug 50484

Size: 9 ft x 14 ft 7 in (2.74 m x 4.44 m)

Antique East Turkestan Khotan Rug, Country of Origin: East Turkestan, Circa Date: Early 20th Century– With a warm cast due to a cream background, this rug features an antique central stylized design with linked rays and lobed but abstract flowers. The pattern is created by negative space from blue-gray stitching, its forms branching and linking into a cohesive whole. This central, repeating motif of the Khotan is nested within a half dozen outer borders that maintain a symmetry about both axes. The innermost border showcases diagonal zigzags, followed by a band of squares that detail four-lobed ornaments. Blues and a dark brown add details to each of the bars, forming intricate edges with a starker contrast than the central configuration on this East Turkestan carpet.

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