Large Vintage Silk Foundation Persian Tabriz Rug 60028

Size: 11 ft 4 in x 16 ft 2 in (3.45 m x 4.93 m)

Beautiful and Finely Woven Large Size Vintage Silk Foundation Persian Tabriz Rug , Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This breathtaking large size vintage Tabriz Persian rug is a masterpiece of mesmerizing beauty. This field of this vintage Persian rug boasts a myriad of herati designs that are rendered with remarkable precision on rich background tones that vary and alternate from of  rust to white to blue.

From a distance, the central field of the Persian Tabriz rug appears as a multi dimensional tapestry of three different colors. The nucleus of this herati design Persian Tabriz rug is an ornate oval shape in a creamy white tone and is surrounded by progressively larger surface layers in vibrant hues of navy blue and rusty reds.

Upon closer inspection, an intricate network of floral and geometric design patterns becomes clear. Complex square elements are formed by thin interconnected light colored vine scroll designed threads. Organically woven herati fish designs, in a fresh moss green color gracefully entwine an idyllic array of delicate flowers. Each surface layer of this extremely fine herati design Persian Tabriz rug is separated by a decorative feathered strand that curls in fanciful loops.

The wide, magnificent and classically designed border creates an elaborate frame for the central space. Mega sized exotic flowers decorate the main border, which is comprised of a velvety dark blue background color. This dark background creates a magnificent juxtaposition and illuminates the artistic display of floral embellishments, which are portrayed in a variety of styles and colors.

This middle border section of this beautiful herati design Persian Tabriz rug, is flanked on both sides by a multitude of thin small guard borders. This thin guard borders are organized in consecutive layers for a truly elegant effect. Finally, a plush dark blue edge encapsulates the entire Persian carpet for an exquisite element of completion.

This stunning large size rug is sure to add a unique and magnetic charm to any interior design setting.

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