Large Textured Solid Cream Boho Chic Contemporary Rug 142743215

Size: 13 ft 11 in x 18 ft 5 in (4.24 m x 5.61 m)

A Beautiful Large Size Textured With Solid Cream Color Background Boho Chic Contemporary Rug, Rug Type / Origin: Central Asian Rug, Circa Date: Modern Rug – This beautiful, textured white carpet would be the perfect touch for layering in a Boho chic design. Of course, this carpet could easily stand alone as the centerpiece of the room and makes the perfect space for conversation and gatherings. One of the latest design trends is layering carpets within the room, but finding pieces that go together can be a challenge. This carpet adds texture and is neutral enough that it would make the perfect piece for a layered carpet look.

A white carpet adds elegance to a room and gives it a refined look. This modern rug uses regularly spaced squares in a small pattern against a light gray background to give it texture that will add interest to the room design. The design is created by using areas of plain wave and light gray to accent areas of higher pile to give it a plush feeling and a soft appearance.

This carpet could be used to add drama to a black and white room, or it could be used to add support and texture to a tribal or Boho design. One of the greatest attributes of this carpet is its versatility and ability to transform the space, depending on the other elements that are used to with it.

This elegant, lush carpet is the perfect way to define a space and to transform the room into a peaceful sanctuary. It will highlight the color scheme and other elements of the room, adding support and dimension to the design. A lighter carpet makes the space appear larger and more open. This is the perfect carpet for any design from modern design to coastal. It is the perfect choice for any space where you wish to create a quiet retreat.

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