Large Size Rust and Light Blue Color Field Antique Tribal Geometric 19th Century Persian Heriz Serapi Rug 46287

Size: 12 ft x 16 ft (3.66 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This stately antique Persian Heriz-Serapi rug depicts a stunning octofoil medallion set over a soft abrashed field and embraced by turtle-and-vinescroll borders.

Antique Persian Heriz Serapi Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa – Late 19th Century – Created in Heriz, this stunning antique Persian Serapi rug is a definitive example of the region’s classic style and color scheme. The magnificent field features a radiant octofoil medallion rendered in a bold combination of ivory, Persian blue and terracotta red. A loose network of angular vine scrolls and dramatic re-curved pendants decorates the splendid brick-red field, which features a strong textural abrash and decorative stepped outlines. Bold blue spandrels that continue along the edges of the field create a strong visual counterpoint that balances the color and unifies the sparse floral arabesques. Botanical guard bands and rustic turtle and vine scroll borders with angular lines and poly chromatic details enclose the lavishly decorated field and continue the rustic yet richly detailed style that antique Persian Heriz rugs represent.

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