Large Size Light Ivory Background Antique Rustic Tribal Geometric Allover Pattern Persian Bakshaish Rug 46930

Size: 11 ft x 19 ft 7 in (3.35 m x 5.97 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautifully and traditionally composed, this Bakshaish rug features a beautiful ivory field, adorned with a fetching allover pattern.

Large Antique Oversize Geometric Design Persian Bakshaish Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Turn of the 20th Century – Here is a a beautiful and exceptionally woven antique rug – an antique Bakshaish rug, woven by the celebrated Persian rug-makers of Heriz. This large carpet is a splendid example of a widely admired style, beautifully exemplifying some of the most desirable qualities and characteristics of antique Persian Bakshaish carpets. Starting with the perimeter of the carpet and moving inward, one finds one beautifully executed detail after another. The border, for instance, is beautifully composed in a pallet of red and blue, featuring expertly crafted, narrow inner and outer borders that elevate the bright red of the primary border to the forefront of the composition.

This border is replete with traditional Bakshaish detail elements of geometric floral figures and rigid, rectilinear vinescrolls. A narrow pair of inner borders separate the bright red of the primary border of the glorious field, which is characterized by a beautiful shade of ivory, and an impeccable allover pattern of floral and vegetal elements. This allover pattern unfolds throughout the field in a delightful manner, beautifully covering the ivory while leaving enough negative space to elevate that delicate tone to the forefront of the observer’s attention. The detail elements are brilliantly Bakshaish, representing the finest trends of a fantastic antique Persian rug style. A beautifully composed antique carpet, this elegant Bakshaish is an exemplary antique Oriental rug.

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