Large Size Fine Weave Classic Traditional Herati Pattern Vintage Persian Tabriz Medallion Carpet 50316

Size: 13 ft 2 in x 19 ft 7 in (4.01 m x 5.97 m)

Tabriz Carpet, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa early 21st Century — Miniscule details that are painstakingly established in a perfectly geometric flow create a mosaic-like effect throughout this vintage finely woven Persian Tabriz rug. Deep, rich earthy tones are present throughout, providing the carpet with an incredible degree of strength and beauty. Rich borders that are filled with floral tones and swirling vine elements guarantee that no matter where the viewer looks, there is always something to be seen. At the carpet’s center is a gorgeous system of layered flowers, each composed of tiny blossoms arranged in their mosaic formation, with colors chosen to unite and simultaneously create contrast between each layer.

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