Large Rust Color Antique Tribal Geometric Persian Serapi Medallion 19th Century Rug 46382

Size: 11 ft x 16 ft 10 in (3.35 m x 5.13 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This exquisite antique Persian Serapi rug depicts a superb octo-foil medallion adorned with angular floral motifs and sparse arabesques that add a rustic appearance.

Large Size Antique Tribal Persian Serapi Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Beautifully decorated, this exceptional antique Persian Serapi rug showcases an archetypal pendant-flanked medallion surrounded by quirky botanical motifs that are rendered in a stunning selection of softly oxidized colors. Multiple sets of minor borders featuring reciprocating floral emblems and ultramarine blue main borders adorned with delicate turtle-and-vine scroll motifs complete the richly detailed composition of this elegant carpet. Strong, pure colors, detailed botanical motifs and carefully outlined figures emphasize the regal style of this antique Persian Heriz rug, which possesses an uncanny level of sophistication that is combined with rustic tribal-influenced motifs.

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