Large Oversized Earth Tone Antique Chinese Rug 48806

Size: 21 ft x 26 ft (6.4 m x 7.92 m)
Origin: China

Very Large and Beautiful Earth Tone Antique Chinese Rug, Country Of Origin: China, Circa Date: 1900 – This large antique Chinese rug features a variety of traditional elements and motifs, all set attractively against an earthy background. From the presence of the stunning borders to the elegant tone chosen for the majority of the antique rug from China, the viewer is treated to a very well-grounded work of art, one that conveys warm, soothing emotions while still telling a story within the foreground. Several borders frame around each other along the antique Oriental rug, with the largest and outermost one featuring the most negative space. Within this space are several small squares, depicting attractive scenes and pictures. At the antique rug’s middle are numerous figures from everyday life, including vases containing flowers, attractively crafted tables and stained glass windows, featuring ornate lines of movement.

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