Large Oversized Geometric Art Deco Indian Vintage Rug 44926

Size: 15 ft 6 in x 19 ft 6 in (4.72 m x 5.94 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Rectilinear florals sprays, deeply serrated lozenges and formal tile motifs create a splendid medallion and border pattern that decorates this charming earth-tone vintage rug.

Large Oversized Vintage Indian Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – By the late 1800s, the carpet weaving workshops in India were producing carpets that were highly desirable in the global market. European buyers could not get enough of them. This mid-20th century Art Deco carpet is an excellent example of the work that was produced in the workshops of these skilled craftsmen.

Although traditional oriental and Persian-influenced carpets had a wealthy, local market, the workshops also recognized the ability to bring the work of the Indian subcontinent to a broader global audience. They began producing carpets that were influenced by the Art Deco and Arts and Crafts movements, such as this piece. This Indian rug has a modern feel, using geometric shapes and classic Art Deco elements in the design. It contains the angular shapes that are often seen in building interiors of the time.

This vintage carpet demonstrates the skill of the Indian dyeworks because it is created using only tones of brown in the design. The hues range from deep, dark chocolates, to mahogany and sandy tans. The colors are exceptionally even and allow for the creation of sharp, crisp edges in the shapes. The design elements are created using simple forms and unshaded areas of color. This allows the designer to emphasize the shape itself, as is consistent with Art Deco design philosophy.

The appearance of two different layers of design is created by the repetition of the design themes and the use of slightly different background colors. The design of the semi antique carpet is beautifully executed and has the appearance of a classic Art Deco beveled mirror from a distance. It would easily complement a room with classic Art Deco architectural elements, or it would work well with any contemporary design. Its rich browns will add an earthy, yet modern touch to the room design.

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