Large Oversized Antique Turkish Ghiordes Rug 565

Size: 19 ft 1 in x 25 ft 10 in (5.82 m x 7.87 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

This sumptuous antique Oriental Ghiordes carpet from Turkey has a grand medallion floating serenely on a quiet, expansive field. A dominant medallion floats serenely on the quiet, expansive field of this sumptuous antique Turkish Ghiordes rug. This impressive antique Turkish rug is filled with graceful volutes and arabesques teaming with life and movement. The rhythm of its scalloped outline and delicately drawn pendants adds to the engaging contrast between the energy of vigorous detail and the solitude of openness. In each corner, a filigree of tracery peers from beneath the border, adding an extra measure of sublime elegance. The ivory ground of this antique rug shows subtle variations in tone, abrash, add life and depth to the surface.

Beautiful and Impressive Large Oversized Antique Turkish Ghiordes Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1900 – This spectacular antique palace sized rug highlighting brilliant reds on an ivory background was produced in Turkey around the turn of the 20th century. The formal design and grand scale of this rug pay tribute to the final days of the great Ottoman Empire. This masterpiece stands as a testimony to the skill and mastery of the rug weavers of the Ottoman Empire.

The massive antique Oriental rug is based on a balanced medallion with two pendants on the end. It has formal corners that sweep towards the central medallion and draw focus to it, making it the main attraction of the rug. This artistic antique Turkish Ghiordes rug uses only three colors. The brilliant red stands out against the ivory background. Tans and light pinks are used to highlight the features of the main design, and in some cases create an entirely different design element. The border of the Turkish Ghiordes rug is smaller in proportion to the field and central medallion. It is apparent that the artist behind the design of this antique rug intended for the central medallion to be the main attraction of the carpet, with everything else playing a supporting role.

Massive antique Turkish Ghiordes rugs such as this were designed to complement the grand architectural scale of palaces and public spaces of the Ottoman Empire. The oversized antique Ghiordes carpet was designed to make a large space appear even larger. It would go well in a room that has the same type of architectural feel as the buildings that it was meant to grace. This antique central medallion design rug certainly will not be understated, but it will be a spectacular piece that is treasured for many years to come.

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